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Do you know your driver`s driving style? Do they drive fast and furious as F1 drivers or safely? Using tracking system Dispecer you can monitor they driving style. System evaluates each drive and driver will get mark as in school.

Drive book report in tracking system Dispecer has new image! It offers new charts and data overviews

Do you want to see your vehicle everywhere and anytime using only your mobile phone? Tracking system Dispečer is available as a mobile application „Mobile Dispecer Lite“.

Dear client, from the 1st of July 2013 will be new per diems calculation in full version. Last version will also be kept but only as browser of in this version generated per diems.


Service agenda helps you better organize all events connected with vehicle maintenance. Now you won`t forget nothing!

We would like to invite you to conference „SMEs and entrepreneurs: boosting business using satellite applications“. This conference will take part on the 23-th of May in Bratislava, Slovakia. The main aim of the conference is to inform SMEs from different sectors of the use of satellite services and of the economic opportunities they procure.

During the week from 18-th till 23-th of May will be in Bratislava in Eurovea Center exhibition named „European Space Expo“. This exhibition points at benefits of space technologies and services for European citizens.


Vehicle maintenance which has served in system Dispečer for vehicle service, repairs and control evidence, has now new „outfit“. From previous vehicle maintenance it has changed to Service agenda with wider range of functionalities.